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The Southcentral Region of Pennsylvania is strategically located close to major domestic and international markets. Within a 500 mile radius of the Region lies 40% of the United States population and more than 60% of Canada’s population. An extensive inter-modal transportation system of highways, railroads, ports and airports easily moves people and goods to these vital markets. Consider the opportunities when you are within several hours to a one-day drive from some of the richest consumer and industrial markets within the United States and Canada. Not only are these vast markets, but doing business in the Region has never been easier.


There have been major and exciting changes enacted to make Pennsylvania’s business climate extremely business friendly:

· New State “Economic Stimulus” financing and incentive programs

· Business tax cuts

· Workers’ compensation reform

· Brownfield reuse legislation

· Electric deregulation

· Strong local, regional and State economic development partnerships


We have world class resources to serve these business clusters:

· Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing

· Biotechnology and Life Sciences

· Health Care, Medical Research and Education

· Information and Communication Technology

· Business and Financial Services

· Food Processing and Agribusiness

· Plastics

· Logistics

· Printing

· Technology Solutions and Support

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